Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Perfect Waves and Stunning beaches for every level

We take you to uncrowded beaches in the area, depending on your level and the conditions. This makes you feel comfortable surfing at different types of beaches - so you can continue to surf back home or in any other location in the world.

Surf in Paradise: Dominical Jungle & Rainforest meets the ocean

Kalon Surf is based in Dominical in the south of Costa Rica. It is one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica (perhaps even the most beautiful!) with several different pristine beaches and waves within 15 minute drive, the people are wonderful, the jungle reaches right up to the beach, and there is a distinct lack of mass tourism. Year round consistent waves, warm water temperature (78F!) and comfortable outside temperature (82 - 87F), make it the perfect surf trip destination.

Surf trip of a lifetime Read what our guests say

We have made sure that everything is in place for you to learn and improve as much as possible. From the coaches, to the equipment, to the comfort, to the uncrowded beaches on offer – everything conspires to make this a trip of a lifetime.


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Kjeld Schigt & Silene Vega Delgado - Kalon Surf
Kjeld Schigt - Kalon Surf

Kjeld Schigt Owner/Director

"I lived in Paris, London, Zurich, Helsinki, Copenhagen and even in Africa, while working for multinationals such as BP, Heineken and Unilever.
Following my drive in life, passion and ambitions, I quit corporate life and started Kalon Surf in the South of Costa Rica, with the ultimate goal to make it the best surf school / resort out there that would give an amazing luxury surf experience to our guests.

I've travelled extensively, stayed at and researched a lot of luxury hotels, resorts and surf camps & schools in many places: from Brazil to Morocco, from Spain to Ecuador, from France to Costa Rica. Kalon is exactly based on those experiences: it is the kind of surf vacation I always wanted to have, but was unable to find. Now, Kalon is here to offer you exactly this: the best luxury surf experience home away from home."

Starting Kalon Surf has been the best decision in my life; I am working even harder but now driven by passion, ambitions and dreams and I was extremely lucky to meet (on my first day in Costa Rica) and eventually getting married to the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world: Silene.

Silene Vega Delgado

Silene Vega Delgado Owner/Director

'I am from San Jose, Costa Rica, and worked in Finance (Central America) for HP and HSBC as investment banker. I have even lived and worked in Maine, US - it is so beautiful! After finishing my MBA at TEC, I knew I wanted to change my career into following my ambitions and passion; I wanted to have an impact (even if it were small), on peoples lives, make them happy and I wanted to be part of something exiting. With Kalon I have exactly that: the smile on the faces of our guests after they get their first wave or after a delicious dinner, is so rewarding. When you hear that it has been 'their best vacation in their lives', gives me literally goosebumps!

The future of Kalon is exciting, adventurous and ambitious - just like surfing! Kjeld and the guys taught me to surf, (the Kalon method) they helped me getting over my fear of water by being very patient and giving me the right methods and tools - surfing is now for me one of the best feelings ever! My experience as professional folklore dancer (e.g. official ceremony of the opening of the national stadium), helps me in balance and definitely in style & stance, while my families' cooking secrets are now shared with you!"

Marcela Kalon Surf
Roberto Kalon
Esmeralda Kalon

Charlie Delgado Conejo Kalon Surf Hotel Manager

From San Jose, family of Kjeld & Silene, Charlie takes care of you from the moment you contact us. From the moment you book, he will take care of you: always there to help, advice or arrange, and always there to make sure you have the best possible experience. Loved by our guests, raved about in the Kalon Surf reviews.

Roberto Barrantes Kalon Head Surf Coach

The youngest of the Barrantes Bolanos family, ISA (international surf association) certified and an excellent surfer. He will make sure that you progress your surf every day while feeling safe & secure. Competed on a national level and won many prizes, started surfing when young so knows all the ins and outs of the local beaches.

Juan Jose Navarro Kalon Surf Chef

Juan Jose Joined Kalon Surf and has taken our food standard to a whole new level. He brings years of experience of working in various types of kitchens, an open mind, and an incredible focus on creativity and quality. 
We recently introduced a whole new dinner menu, and guest have loved it - utilising new innovation techniques with Sous Vide cooking at its core.  

kalon surf best surf camp

Environmentally   Conscious

Our goal is to minimise the impact on the environment while maximising the Kalon Surf Guest Experience. 

We have aligned ourselves with several partners, such as Watermans (sunblock, 1% for the planet member), Klean Kanteen (no more plastic water bottles; recycled material and 1% for the planet member)and Sutsu (organic T-shirts). 

At Kalon we use partially solar energy, put in place several recycle initiatives, collect rain to wash the cars & water the plants and we develop, invest and protect our 6.4 acre property (with primary rainforest).

Local Community Giving Back

Through our Kalon 'Something a bit different' program, our guests have been able to support families, and school children with clothes, shoes, pens, pencils, notebooks etc to us. 

Kalon supplies all kids of the local school, with 'back to school' packages; we oversee (building) improvements at the local school carried out by local labor.

Every Christmas, Kalon and their staff, support several local families by donating gifts for their children. 

Kalon sponsors the biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu organisation in San Jose, supporting their work with problematic kids.

Local Businesses Sharing Growth

We acknowledge that we have to be grateful for the surroundings, the infrastructure and the communities around us. Therefore Kalon has an all Costa Rican team with fixed contracts, fair pay and trainings setup for the(ir) future.

We work with several small/family owned local companies, such as Boleto (Specialty Coffee) - better quality products and supporting local farms.

Costa Rica is a beautiful and proud country, with many traditions and products, often different from USA, Europe, Asia - we are committed to share the best of Costa Rica with our guests. 

Charity Worldwide

Throughout we sponsor whole or partial weeks for charity, either for fundraising or to host somebody in need of some good surfing stoke! 

Our 'Make-a-wish-week' is still one of the most memorable and rewarding weeks for our entire Kalon Surf staff.

We have a set budget per trimester, where our staff can suggest small projects/cause for donations that Kalon could help out with: building houses, providing food for a local church, family and friends in need for medical care. Kalon doubles any donations done by our entire staff.