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Best time to surf for beginners

So you’ve recently learned how to surf and want to get better. You’ve got your wetsuit and a new board, and you want to start getting in the water more often. You might be wondering, though, when is the best time of day to go surfing?

There are actually two ideal times of the day to catch the best conditions for both beginners and pros alike, and there are a few reasons why. That being said, there are still opportunities to catch the perfect wave at any time of the day if you’re willing to work for it.

The best time of day to surf is at dusk and dawn

When the sun is low in the sky, the offshore winds are calmer and the waves will break much smoother. Early in the morning and in the late evening as the sun is rising and setting offer the best conditions for catching waves that won’t give you much trouble.

At dawn, the temperature of the water and the land are much closer, providing a calm offshore wind. As the sun rises into the afternoon, the difference in the temperature between the water and the land grows, creating stronger winds and making for turbulent, choppy and fast-breaking waves.

The early bird catches the wave

Beautiful sunset sessions can be a fantastic experience, but they can also be a crowded one, too. As the day goes on, more beachgoers gather, and it can become difficult to get more than a couple of good waves. If you want to get a fair amount of practice in, many seasoned surfers will tell you the best time to surf for beginners is early in the morning.

Even without taking into consideration the Vitamin D and endorphin boost that comes from the early morning sunshine, hitting the beach for first light will let you surf more often.

You may not get all the waves to yourself but with much smaller crowds, you’ll get more opportunities to surf without waiting in line if you’re willing to wake up before the sun.

Other great opportunities to go surfing

Catching the perfect wave is all about timing, but there are still plenty of chances if you’re trying to surf in the middle of the day. If you keep up on local weather reports, you can easily find the right time to hit the water.

Other times, it’s purely up to luck. One day you might visit one of your favorite spots to learn that the wind and water conditions are just right. These spontaneous sessions can be some of the most memorable.

Have any questions about the best time to surf?

If you’d like to know more about the best time to catch the perfect wave in Costa Rica, or you’re in need of professional surf coaching, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions or get your set up with one of our coaches today.