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The Best Kalon Surf Review Tripadvisor

"7x Kalon Surf - here is why"

Several years ago, I decided I wanted a surf vacation, so I looked at some websites and wrote a few emails. The first (and fastest) reply came from Marcela at Kalon Surf. That level of service and professionalism is one of many reasons I've visited Kalon six times now [...]

*** as of December 2015: 9 times

Ned - Read More

"Kalon: The Luxury Surf Resort"

"From the minute we were picked up at the airport by their staff in San Jose, the staff and entire team at Kalon demonstrated a real commitment to service and guest satisfaction. They were always very polite, professional and run an extremely punctual operation."
"Overall, our week was simply outstanding and we would highly recommend Kalon to anyone looking to learn how to surf in a remote, luxurious and friendly setting. Pura Vida!"

Paolo - Read More

"Kalon Surf: A Dream and More"

"Kalon was the ideal place for me. As someone who loves to surf and wants to improve, the surf coaching was one of the best I’ve had. The coaches are not only experienced in surfing but also in coaching. They have a method that works and evidently guarantees improvements. Well done and thank you to Roberto who was my coach and Henry, Andres, and Charlie!"

Sunny - Read More

"Kalon: wonderful & astonishing"

Kalon! We started to miss you before we even left! If you're looking to make a long story short: this place is astonishing and wonderful. Book a trip now.

This is the kind of place you leave and can't really even talk about properly for a few days because you're still "processing." That's how amazing it was. My wife and I got back a few days ago, but it's been hard to coherently put into words all of the ways this place totally kills it. I'm writing an extremely long review because there are just too many good thoughts in my head that I need to share! Here I go:

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"The Surf Experience of a Lifetime"

"This is no "rugged surf camp" it truly is a luxury vacation. The food is out of this world! Everything is so delicious and the presentation is beautiful! I hope they make a cookbook with the recipes so I can cook this well at home. If nothing else, I need to make those amazing fruit smoothies! The staff is so attentive and amazing. We had to convince the surf instructors to go enjoy some waves while we relaxed (we needed a little break, as it is tough work to surf!). Everyone was wonderful, including the other guests, who we will keep in touch with. "

Jennifer - Read More

"An unforgettable surf vacation - the best"

Kalon is a Villa on top of the hill in Dominical with a southing view to the jungle and ocean. Our surf holiday started as soon as we stepped foot onto this enchanted property.
Simply everything was cared for, from waking up to driving down to the beach where our surf coaching begun at perfect surf times.
We both made wonderful progress in our surf technique and style and enjoyed the personalized surf analyses every day.
Our improvement and joy for surfing has increased even more [...]

Pia - Read More

"My New Happy Place... Kalon Surf Camp"

I always dreamed of a place like this but honestly never thought it existed until now. I joined 7 other women- all of us looking for an adventure and a bit of pampering. What we got was WAY more. Everything at Kalon is planned to perfection with our needs and wants always in mind. I've been to resorts all around the world, but NOTHING compares to the professionalism and the quality of Kalon

Mel - Read More

"Surf Camp at the Upper end of the spectrum"

If you want to step back and focus on dialing up your surfing skills with hands on support Kalon is the place to go. There are plenty of surf camps in Costa Rica but these guys are at the upper end of the spectrum for a number of reasons:

(1) Hands on tuition. We were a small group but everyone got the 1:1 guidance they needed day to day to help raise their surfing game...

Jim - Read More

"Costa Rica Surf Camp at its best"

First and foremost, the owners and staff members are incredibly friendly and accommodating. They all went above and beyond to make our vacation fun and stress-free. I can honestly say you can arrive with your bathing suit, flips flops, pajamas and toothbrush and you are set for the week. When they say to pack light, do it. .... Now we know firsthand why people love Kalon and now you know why we are planning our second trip.

Rochelle - Read More