"Kalon Luxury Surf Camp is Paradise"

I read many of the reviews before deciding on Kalon Surf. I have to say it way surpassed my expectations! It was an unbelievable vacation! Everything was fantastic starting from the first communications. I turned 50 this year, and surfing was on both my husband's and my bucket lists. We hoped to just get up on the boards, and this week we really learned how to surf. They have a fantastic method of teaching, with lots of individual attention, pool sessions to help teach skills, and daily video analysis.

This is no "rugged surf camp" it truly is a luxury vacation. The food is out of this world! Everything is so delicious and the presentation is beautiful! I hope they make a cookbook with the recipes so I can cook this well at home. If nothing else, I need to make those amazing fruit smoothies! The staff is so attentive and amazing. We had to convince the surf instructors to go enjoy some waves while we relaxed (we needed a little break, as it is tough work to surf!). Everyone was wonderful, including the other guests, who we will keep in touch with.

I was worried about going during the rainy season (Sept), but it was always sunny when we surfed. It was like they ordered the perfect weather! The water temperature is 78 degrees F year-round. I never felt cold in the water.

The house is on top of a mountain (literally) with amazing views of the ocean. The rooms are beautiful, and everything was very comfortable! I can't says enough great things about the staff! I won't mention names, as I don't want to forget a single one. And the owners are wonderful, and very present.

After the week, they upload pictures and videos to a Google Drive that we can access. The quality of the pictures and videos is so professional. When I came home and showed friends and family, they could not believe it was all part of the package.

All included- amazing food, luxurious house, amazing staff, fantastic amenities, 3 hour surf sessions, video analysis, pool sessions, Pilates, massage, and pictures/videos, it was a true value! I will be back.