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This vacation was awesome! Thank you so much for making this experience so memorable for me! The coaches and staff were amazing, very friendly and all very talented. Traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating, but everyone at Kalon were very gracious and welcoming, I felt very comfortable the entire time. I would highly recommend this vacation to anyone of any skill level.

Andres Martinez, my surf instructor was amazing. He taught me so much and I really enjoyed surfing with him. I felt comfortable in the big waves that I would not ordinarily swim in. He is very talented and very patient. Henry and Junior were also very kind and friendly. Daner, the chef, was very friendly and he prepared an amazing meal for us, the tuna, which was my favorite.

Also, Edelma and Ana at breakfast were so sweet and very hard workers. I enjoyed talking to them in the mornings. Charlie was very accommodating and addressed any need or concern. I did not spend as much time with Andrea, Juan (chef) or Diego, but they were also very kind and nice. The garden was well kept and everything was very clean at all times. Bravo!!

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Costa Rica

Osa Peninsula

A gorgeous country with a rich culture, delicious food, year round surf, and diverse ecosystems.

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We enjoy perfect year-round conditions, with outside temperatures averaging 82 - 88°F (28 - 33°C). Meanwhile, the ocean hovers around 78°F (27°C). And, of course, the waves are perfect.