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Disappearing Beaches

Climate Change & Surfing Top 5 Countries Bottom 5 Countries How You Can Help Today, Earth’s atmosphere is polluted with stronger concentrations of planet-warming carbon dioxide than any point in the past three million years. The increased amount of greenhouse gasses trapped in Earth’s atmosphere is causing global climate […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Surf with Your Teens

Spending time with your teenage kids can require a delicate balance: you’ve got to find something fun, engaging, and most importantly, cool. Surfing checks all those boxes and more. Here are five reasons you should surf with your teens: 1. Teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle Establishing habits […]

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Why Surfing is One of the Best Ways to Stay in Shape

One of the best things about surfing is that it’s approachable for everybody—wherever you come from you can find success on your board out on the water. Surfing is also a life-changing activity that requires no prior experience to learn quickly. The best part about surfing is that it […]

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Featured Posts

Need to determine which surfboard to buy or learn about why we partnered with Firewire Surfboards? Read the featured blog posts below.

Top 5 Activities to add on to your Kalon Surf Camp Week in Costa Rica (2020 Updated)

Kalon Surf Luxury Resort Costa Rica is all about offering a beautiful surf camp experience in Costa Rica for our guest that work hard and now want to play hard. Some guests really enjoy the day off on Wednesday to relax at the pool, enjoy their massage, take a nap, […]

3 Reasons Why Executives Should Recharge

It’s no secret that Americans are hard workers. And, if you’re an executive-level employee for a major (or even minor) company in the States, it probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that most C-level employees work around 60 hours per week. Even Tesla-guru Elon Musk credits his success to […]

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We enjoy perfect year-round conditions, with outside temperatures averaging 82 - 88°F. Meanwhile, the ocean hovers around 78°F. And, of course, the waves are perfect.