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10 Surfing Tips And Tricks For Newbies

With over 20 million people surfing across the planet, this water sport is one of the most popular board sports in the world. Newbies searching for surfing tips or advice will soon find out there’s no right way to start surfing and nothing beats just diving right in and […]

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The Essentials: Top 5 Surfing Items Every Surfer Must Have

A surfing experience proves more enjoyable and safe if you have the right accessories. Of course, you cannot surf without having a surfboard, but there are other items you need to spruce up your experience. The various surfing accessories are designed to suit the individual needs of the surfers. […]

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Surf Etiquette: 7 Rules Every Newbie Must Know Before Paddling Out

If you are new to surfing, it’s important to learn the standard surfing rules and etiquette you should follow when you’re out in the ocean. As you master the basics of paddling, Eskimo rolling, and carving, there is a list of things that you should do and shouldn’t. When […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Kombucha (and how to make it home)

It is well known that we look forward to creating new experiences for our guests at Kalon. Our main goal for you to have the best experience and this not only includes surf, relaxing but mainly the food and beverages. This is how we run into Kombucha and we […]

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Planning Your Trip

From Architects to Adventurers: How to Plan the Dream Vacation for Your Personality Type

If you’re a hardened traveler, you know travel experiences are influenced by a legion of factors. Sometimes, the stars align and your vacations empower, enlighten, and transform you into your ideal self. And other times, travel is overwhelming and quickly degrades into type-three fun. To determine how positive your […]

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Featured Posts

Need to determine which surfboard to buy or learn about why we partnered with Firewire Surfboards? Read the featured blog posts below.

Top 5 Activities to add on to your Kalon Surf Camp Week in Costa Rica (2020 Updated)

Kalon Surf Luxury Resort Costa Rica is all about offering a beautiful surf camp experience in Costa Rica for our guest that work hard and now want to play hard. Some guests really enjoy the day off on Wednesday to relax at the pool, enjoy their massage, take a nap, […]

3 Reasons Why Executives Should Recharge

It’s no secret that Americans are hard workers. And, if you’re an executive-level employee for a major (or even minor) company in the States, it probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that most C-level employees work around 60 hours per week. Even Tesla-guru Elon Musk credits his success to […]

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