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Environmentally Conscious

As humans, we are all responsible for our actions, and at Kalon it’s important to us that the waves we surf on and the mountains our mansion is nestled into will be around for future generations to enjoy.

Slots tucans and monkies at Kalon Surf Resort

Minimal Environmental Impact

Our goal is to minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing your experience as a guest at Kalon.

Partners in Preservation

When you stay with us, you’ll have access to the following sustainable products:

  • Firewire Surfboards (Eco-friendly epoxy surfboards)
  • Outerknown (Sustainable clothing company, majority-owned by Kelly Slater and John Moore)
  • Watermans (Sunblock, 1% for the Planet member)

Reducing Our Ecological Footprint

At Kalon, we use partial solar energy, have several recycle initiatives, collect rain to wash our cars and water the plants, and develop, invest and protect our 6.4-acre property, which is primarily rainforest.

Community Focused

At Kalon, we have a strong sense of gratitude for the land on which we’re built and the greater community that surrounds us. They give so much to us and we love giving back to them.

Giving back to the community with Kalon Surf

Our Efforts To Benefit Local Families

Through our “Something a Bit Different Program,” our guests have the opportunity to provide Costa Rican children with clothes, shoes, and school supplies. We also pay the taxes and oversee building improvements at the local school, the efforts of which are done by local labor.

For many families, the holidays can be a time of hardship. Every Christmas, we donate gifts to local families in need to help make this time of year more joyful.

Sharing Growth with Local Businesses

Costa Rica is a beautiful and proud country, with many traditions and products. What you’ll find here is very different from the United States, Europe, and Asia, which is why we partner with the locals. We want each of our guests to leave feeling like they’ve gotten an understanding of “Pura Vida.”

Kalon Surf Team Photo

We Partner with the Local Community

We are grateful for our surroundings, the infrastructure, and the communities around us, which is why we have an all Costa Rican team with fixed contracts and fair pay, who attend training to better their future.

We work with several small, family-owned local companies. Renowned Dota farmers supply our organic coffee and Sr y Sra Ese makes our wooden mugs and coffee stands. It’s the best of both worlds - we receive higher quality products and support local farms at the same time.

Costa Rica is a beautiful and proud country, with many traditions and products, often different from USA, Europe, Asia - we are committed to sharing the best of Costa Rica with our guests.

Creating Worldwide Charities

One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs is the charities we get to initiate or sponsor. From helping the local community to bringing families from across the world to Kalon, we get to witness the widespread positive impact of our efforts.

Pool session at Kalon Surf

Sponsored Getaways

Once or twice per year, we sponsor whole or partial stays at Kalon to help with fundraising efforts or to host somebody in need of some good surfing stoke!

Make-A-Wish® Week

Our "Make-a-Wish® Week" is still one of the most memorable and rewarding weeks for our entire Kalon Surf staff. Getting to help a child’s dream of surfing come true puts everything into perspective.

Know someone in need? Drop us a line!

Staff-Initiated, Kalon-Sponsored Causes

Each trimester, our staff can suggest small projects and causes for donations. Once approved, we double the donations they raised for efforts such as:
Building houses
Providing food for a local church
Help family and friends in need with medical care

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We enjoy perfect year-round conditions, with outside temperatures averaging 82 - 88°F. Meanwhile, the ocean hovers around 78°F. And, of course, the waves are perfect.